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Benefits of Using WEX Movers

Posted by Courtney Leonard on Oct 14, 2016 1:16:25 PM




Have an internal move coming up in your office that you’re planning on using your staff to manage? Think about using Washington Express Movers instead! We are offering a premier service in our newly expanded freight and moving division that can help our corporate clients when it comes to upcoming office or individual moves. WEX is able to handle any small office moves ranging from: attorney moves that are leaving firms for other firms, moving large items for events and conventions to also internal moves that involve moving furniture and large items within a client’s office.

At this point, you’re probably wondering, why use WEX over having our own staff manage the moves? Especially when it comes to moves that are on the smaller end. There are many benefits when it comes to using WEX moving services over using your own internal services. First and foremost, there is a huge amount of liability and insurance that often goes forgotten when using your own employees to do the move. Have you ever thought about what would happen if one of your employees gets injured while doing the move (which is incredibly likely)? It would be all up to you to handle! If you use WEX, we will take care of all insurance and any damage coverage. It is all handled by our services.

If you are familiar with our WEX courier services, you are aware of our reliability when it comes to using our services…remember, “We really deliver!” Well, that is absolutely the case when it comes to our freight and moving services. We combine the speed, convenience and security of our local courier service with the resources of a traditional moving service. We are able to be nimble and cost effective when managing your move with little to no notice. We view your time sensitive freight needs as our opportunity to impress you with our services.

Here are a few of the benefits when it comes to using WEX for your moving needs:

  • Little to no notice required to request our services
  • No hourly or personnel minimums
  • Can provide an upfront cost estimate in most cases over the phone without a site visit
  • Cost savings related to vehicles, employee time, additional insurance are all covered by WEX
  • No risk of employee on the job injuries
  • Damage coverage is handled by Washington Express
  • No truck rental required
  • No need to reserve a space to put your truck while moving…we take care of all of that!

Curious the type of furniture and equipment we can handle during these moves? Just about everything! 

  • Furniture
  • Attorney moves
  • IT equipment
  • Trial site moves
  • Hauling for disposals
  • Conference & convention
  • AV equipment
  • Event materials
  • Boxes 10 to 10,000

We are more than available to conduct your moves with short to little notice. We assure timely “pinpoint” pick up and drop offs from and to any location. The majority of the time we are also able to offer same day delivery for your moves. Also, there is no need to worry about packing up your furniture or equipment…we will take care of everything! We have well trained staff that can pack your materials to ensure safe transport. If you are just looking for labor, we can help with that too! We can provide strong staff at an hourly rate for internal use at your office under your supervision.

Feel free to give us a call at 800-939-5463 to learn more. Also download a free moving checklist as a resource to help you with your upcoming move. Please reach out to discuss more we’d love to have the opportunity to work with you when it comes to your upcoming move!


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Washington Express can:

  • Complete almost any short notice move within just a couple of days when most of our competitors require at least a week.
  • Provides on-site visits to determine the exact parameters and cost of your move.
  • Move your convention and conference materials door-to-door. We will never leave at a loading dock unless instructed.
  • Provide internal moving assistance to perform internal office moves.
  • Fast, efficient, insured and uniformed movers to complete your hauling for disposal or e-cycling needs.

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