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7 Moving Tips

Posted by Courtney Leonard on Aug 9, 2016 1:08:30 PM

We know the summer is a popular time to move so we wanted to offer a few tips and pieces of advice for your upcoming moves. Since moves aren’t easy, especially for those of you moving big stuff in Washington, D.C., here are our 7 Tips on Moving. We truly believe it’s all about preparation to have a seamless move. Check out our information below that will keep your move from giving you a headache! 

  1. Create a to-do list. There is no such thing as too much preparation when it comes to a move. The first thing to start with is a to-do list to keep you organized! Even if you haven’t figured out 100% when or where you are moving, if you know you are definitely moving by a certain date or are likely to move…start brainstorming that list of what needs to get done! Try keeping it in the “notes” part of your phone so you have it wherever you go and can add to it if an idea pops up.

  2. Lock down dates. There are certain parts of your move that will need to involve other people and confirming a date. For example, if you live in an apartment, have you checked to see if the loading dock and elevator are available the day you want to move? Have you confirmed the move-in date for your new place? Have you hired movers for a specific date and time if you are planning on hiring movers? These are all things you can’t decide on your own…so make sure you check!

  3. Hire movers. Now we know there aresometimes more cost effective ways to go about a move but when it comes to the manpower you need to get it done quickly, we’d suggest hiring movers. Even if it is a short notice move in D.C. there are lots of places that can help!

  4. Label boxes clearly. This will make your move more organized and efficient. You’ll know exactly where everything goes in the new places so you don’t end up with your kitchen boxes in the bedroom. Invest in a permanent marker…it will be worth it!

  5. Finish packing before the move. We know plenty of people that want to use their “moving day” as also a final packing day. Even if you aren’t hiring movers, you want to be ready to get started on the move, the minute you can. Don’t waste time the day of the move taking items down or packing things up. Have it all done!

  6. Don’t take your clothes off their hangers! This is our favorite trick when it comes to moving homes. There is absolutely no need to move your clothes into a box or suitcase only to have to re-hang them again. You can invest in a wardrobe box where you can hang your stuff up…or put a plastic trash bag around your hung clothes and rubber band the hangers together. It will work, we promise!

  7. Start moving before the official day. Do you have access to your new place before you have to move out of your old one? We’d suggest starting the move gradually if you can as opposed to having to do it all in one day. Especially for the easier items or things you can take yourself…get it done without the rush! That way there is less to do during the day of the real move date.

Hopefully all our tips and tricks helped as you think about your upcoming move.

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